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Secura-Screen is a Western Australian designed, owned and manufactured system of door and window screening product that offers maximum peace of mind when it comes to securing your home or commercial premises.

The 1.00mm thick woven stainless steel mesh is anchored into the aluminium extruded frames using a unique Key-Way Locking System ensuring that under even the most severe of attacks the woven mesh stays in place and does the job you expect it to do. The manufacturing process is the most precise of all woven mesh security doors with only + / – 2mm tolerance on mesh preparation so you can rest assured that your job is made to the very highest standards .With 38mm of mesh in every frame when completed, it would take an immense amount of force to remove the mesh from the outer frame. (Almost double the amount of most other products on the market)

With the use of a PVC insulator and co-extruded wedge system the Secura-Screen products cannot be disassembled once manufactured. Need another reason to trust Secura-Screen products on your home? If we can’t pull it apart on an assembly bench, who can force it apart on your home?

Secura-Screen uses 1.00mm High Tensile 304 stainless steel mesh in all residential products providing the client with the heaviest and strongest product available. With a 38.5% open area the vision retained through the doors and windows is excellent and the air flow is comparable to any other product on the market.

11 standard colours are available for most applications and over 30 non-standard colours can be achieved with small additional powder coating charges. Western Red Cedar and Jarrah are also available in the Timber-Look aluminium frames for entry doors.

With over 15 years experience in the Locksmithing and Security industry, you can trust Capital Lock & Security for superior products and service at the best prices in Perth.