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Capital Home Security Cockburn Central is a local security business offering alarm installations and replacements throughout the metro area.

Home Security Systems in Cockburn Central are a tried and true way to keep your home secure and create an added deterrent to would-be burglars.

Want alerts sent to your smart phone when your Cockburn Central home security system is set off? Capital’s local Cockburn Central technicians can install a home security system in your home that can send you an email and notify you via smart phone App when an alarm is triggered. Through the app you can activate and de-activate your system remotely, giving you total control over your homes security.

One remote to control your garage door AND security system? No problem! One of our Cockburn Central Alarm and Security System technicians can install and program a roller door controller and connect it to your new Cockburn Central alarm. Our remotes are often smaller and easier to have on your key ring than your standard garage remote. By pressing and holding the button on your remote the system will trigger the siren if you hear an intruder in your home.

For more information see our Alarm page or call us on 1300 721 221.