Access Control Systems Perth

Protect your assets and personnel by restricting access with our integrated access solutions.

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Capital Lock & Security have access control systems to best meet your specific requirements.

Swipe Card Access

Various Authentication Options

Integrated Access Control Solutions

Internal & External Systems

Residential & Commercial Protection

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Commercial Access Control Systems


Protect your business assets and personnel with an access control system tailored to your specific requirements. From warehouses and factories to office spaces and other commercial building’s, we have the access control technology to solve your businesses security problem.

To plan a system for your business, get in touch with your Capital Lock & Security technician today.

Home Access Control Solutions

Have you considered an access control system for your home? With ease you can add secure, keyless entry access to areas around your home such as; doors, gates, garage doors and more with the use of a swipe card or alternative access control system.

Get in touch with your Capital Lock & Security technician to discuss a solution that best meets your home access requirements.