Capital Lock & Security supplies and installs a range of high quality safes for domestic and commercial applications throughout the Perth Metro area.
Safes are the only way to secure your valuables in your home. A good quality safe that is bolted to the floor will keep passports, jewelry and many items of sentimental value locked away from burglars.

Many safes in homes are not bolted down and be simply carried away by an intruder and opened by force later. We ensure all our safes are securely bolted to the floor to prevent easy removal. Remember, burglars want to be in your home or business for as short a time as possible, so the harder you make it for a person to get in the more likely it is they will have to leave empty handed.

A good safe that is well built and is going to offer good protection is going to cost at least a few hundred dollars. Cheap safes from hardware stores are notoriously easy to open with how-to’s all over the internet.

Cash Ratings

Many safes now come with a Suggested Cash Rating in a dollar value. This rating is an indication of the kind of valuables you should keep in it and should not be mistaken for any connection with your home insurance. While having a safe may entitle you to a reduction in your premiums, a cash rating is an idea of the quality of the safe. For example, you wouldn’t put $15,000 worth of jewelry into a safe only built to secure valuables worth $5000.

Fire Safes

Fires are a home or business owner’s worst nightmare. Losing nearly all your worldly possessions in a matter of minutes is a scary thought. A good fire or data safe will keep your important documents and data media from going up in smoke.
These are tested to ensure real protection from fires up to 60 or 90 minutes. Fire and Security can be wound into one with one of our quality safes.