Automotive Locksmithing

Lost your car keys? Do you need a spare key cut? Perth Car Locksmith?
Shocked by expensive replacement keys or Immobiliser Remotes?

See an automotive locksmith before your dealer. Locksmiths are usually cheaper than your dealer for spare keys and when you lose all your keys.
Since around 1996, vehicle manufacturers have been installing electronic chips in the head of your car key. This chip is like an electronic key, and talks to your cars computer while in the ignition.

Transponder chips were introduced mainly in Europe and America due to high levels of car theft. Now, almost every make and model on Australian roads today has a transponder, smaller than a pea in the key head. This piece of technology is why new keys now cost in excess of $130 each.

One thing is for sure – It is far cheaper to have a spare key cut for your vehicle than to wait until they have all been broken, lost or stolen. When you lose your car keys, new keys need to be cut and then programmed. The cost of doing this is determined by the make, model and year of your car and can easily run into the hundreds of dollars. Call our friendly staff today for a free quote on a spare after-market key.

Capital Lock & Security offers a range of automotive services including:

  • Spare keys cut & programmed
  • New keys for most makes & models following complete loss
  • Car & Immobilizer remotes
  • Replacement batteries
  • Diagnostics
  • Ignition & Door lock repairs and replacements
  • Automotive Re-Keys

When you use our Perth Auto Locksmiths you can be assured of value for money, experienced tradesmen and the quickest service on offer.