Capital Security's 10 Points of Security

  1. Neighbours – Your neighbours can be your best friend when it comes to security. Looking out for each other is a great way to know when somebody is acting suspiciously or if cars are parked in your street at odd times of the day or night.
  2. Keep Doors Locked – Even when you are at home. This means locking security doors with a key and other doors locked. A large number of break-ins happen while you are at home. Burglars can be in and out before you even realize – while you’re cooking, cleaning or sleeping in one area of the house.
  3. Deadlocks & Window Locks – All doors should have some sort of deadlock fitted – Wooden doors need a quality deadbolt, not just a key-in-handle. Sliding doors should have patio bolts. Do not trust window and door manufacturers pre-installed locks on doors and windows when the house is built. These are cheap, low quality locks and are often only made from plastic.
  4. Security Lighting – Lighting up dark areas around your house stops an intruder from being able to hide before or after entering your home. Sensor lights are a great deterrent.
  5. Keep Tools Locked Away – Having tools lying around outside is a burglars delight. As most burglars are opportunistic, they don’t carry tools with them and seeing a crowbar or screw driver is a gift too good to refuse!
  6. Meter Box – Having a lock on your meter box can stop intruders from being able to turn off your power.
  7. Burglar Alarm – An alarm system is an important part of any home or businesses’ security. Just seeing your home has an alarm is an instant deterrent for criminals. As well as being able to alert an offsite control room, an alarm with remote kit can act as a personal panic button to alert neighbours or your control room. A home security system reduces the amount of time an intruder is willing to spend in your home.
  8. Safes – A good quality safe that is bolted securely to the floor can keep your jewelry, sentimental valuables and important documents from being taken during a break-in. Be sure to do some research on your safe and don’t trust cheap safes from hardware stores. These are usually under $100 and offer that much protection. For a good home safe you should be looking to spend upwards of $600.
  9. Gardens – A luscious garden with shrubs and trees can be an urban dream for some. For others it can be a wasted weekend every six months. For a burglar it’s a great place to hide or find a secluded window to enter your home. Keeping plants down and away from the exterior of your home improves visibility and will help deter questionable individuals.
  10. Property Inventory – Keeping an inventory with all your valuable items’ serial numbers and details can help police identify stolen property. It also makes it harder for thieves to sell your property. Engraving or marking your drivers license number on your property helps police find its owner if found. Engravers and UV pens are a relatively cheap option from your hardware store.

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